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Mountain View Community Assoc

Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.

~ Neighborhood News ~
Pavilion and restrooms closed for maintenance. main gate locked, no entry permitted! Opening will occur on or before Mothers Day weekend! Sorry for any inconvience. 
Welcome to spring.......new landscaping, pool furniture and salt water pool enhancements coming soon. Our pool opens to residents in good standing Mothers Day weekend!!!! 
Pool area pre opening preparation, power washing and general clean up is scheduled for Tuesday, April 26 at 8 AM. If you would like to help contact me at rcbhoa@outlook.com
Thank you Easter Egg Hunt volunteers, Fran Busi, Kathy Chambers, Sally White, Amanda and Nobles Green, Blanche, Kya and Kaleb Jones and Easter Bunny!!! A great time was had by all!!!!
MVCA Community Garage Sale is just around the corner. Dates, April 29 and 30 from 8 AM till 2 PM. Thank you Stephanie and Joe Borrillo for hosting!
Keep in mind the due date for our annual assessment is April 1st. Account payment received after April 1st will be considered delinquent, late fees and penalities will apply!
If you experience any behavior at our amminaties area that would be considered not in keeping with our community family standards or observe questionable activites contact the Canton Police immediately. See something say something!!
BOARD EMAIL ADDRESS:  board@mountainviewhoa.com
On street parking restrictions from City of Canton, 13 citations issued to date! Don't run our stop signs....it could end in an accident and cost you a fine of $150.00!!!!
Annual assessment update
Projected 2016 assessment collections $124,115.00
Delinquent accounts as of 04/15/2016
Aaron Porter 303 Spring Hill Dr
Micheal and Lellani Rue  331 Spring Hill Dr.
Connie McVey  153 Mountain Vista Blvd
Chad & Heidi Rooks 156 Mt. Vista Blvd
Delane Stevens 168 Mt. Vista Blvd
Lauren Paine 177 Mt Vista Blvd
Jeffery & Susan Gordon 152 Mt Vista Blvd
Brandy & Hal Woods 191 Mt Vista Blvd
Allison Mason 197 Mt Vista Blvd
Bret & Jennifer Bond 189 Mt Vista Blvd
Johnny Hankins 204 Sunset Vista Ct
Simone Edmonson 205 Mt Vista Blvd
Jaye Perry 211 Forest Trace
Brandon Jenson 324 Cabinwood Tr
Inside Out Community Ministries 313 Spring Hill Dr
Patrick & Elizabeth Reel 305 Cabinwood Tr
Anthony Ryan 309 Spring Hill Dr
Erin Baney 311 Cabinwood Tr
David & Joelle Dean 311 Spring Hill Dr
U S Bank 229 Mt Vista Blvd
Laura Dixon 250 Mt Vista Blvd
Eugene & Charlene White 352 Spring Hill Dr
Karen Duff 336 Spring Hill Dr
Nicholas Alley 349 Spring Hill Dr
Melissa Semones 392 Spring Hill Dr
Kelley Newman 394 Spring Hill Dr
Nicholas & Lisa Ferris 404 Hidden Hills Ct
Larry & Crystal Brooks 502 Autumn Ridge Dr
Thomas Hall & Jennifer Abney 505 Pinnacle Ct
Juan Brandy 540 Autumn Ridge Dr
Steve & Christy Williams 550 Autumn Ridge Dr
John & Andrea Miller 600 Treetop Ct
Terry Roper 207 Sunset Vista Ct
William & Amanda Verner 178 Mt Vista Blvd
Solomon & Susan Thairu 531 Autumn Ridge Dr
Benjamin Hatcher & Bailey Glosson 552 Autumn Ridge Dr
Kennith & Karen Cesario 384 Spring Hill Dr
James Faller 226 Mt Vista Blvd
American Residential Leasing 215 Mt Vista Blvd
Kathleen Baldwin 302 Cabinwood Tr
Total Delinquency $20,385.41
Richard Biedenbach-President
Mountain View Community Association Board of Directors
Mountain View Community Association, Inc.
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~ Survey ~
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~ Upcoming Events ~
Graduation Celebration
Saturday, May 28th, 2016 4pm-9pm at Pavilion
Hosted by David Kissinger

Youth Group Meeting
Sunday, July 17th, 2016 3pm-7pm at Pavilion
Hosted by Shannon Trusner