Please welcome Samuel 'Sam' Calhoun as our newest HOA Board Member.  Sam's experience in the landscaping sector will add valuable expertise to our Board.
This is necessary for your safety and to allow our Board 'volunteers' to clean the pool area for the next day.  It would be helpful if the residents using the pool would assist in this effort by picking up after themselves.
It has been noted that residents are propping the pool door open allowing anyone access and access after the pool is closed.  This will result in an automatic one-week suspension of the offender's amenities access.  Second offense will result in longer amenities access denial.
Please take note: If your HOA dues are delinquent, or you have other amounts owing, your pool card will not be active.  Please contact the Board if you have questions.
TENNIS COURTS - Maintaining the tennis courts is a not insignificant expense for the association.  Please refrain from bicycle riding, skate boarding, and other similar activities on the tennis courts.  Such activity increases the wear and tear on the surface, necessitating more frequent, and costly, maintenance.  Tennis players are reminded to wear proper footwear as wearing of street shoes also adds to the wear and tear on the surface.  Thank you...
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